Auto Repair Rip Offs Uncovered

Keep records of your car repairs with labor, parts, dates, mileage and who did it. don’t always rely on shop records. Make your own record book and look at the estimate and repair bill and if you don’t understand any thing on it call the shop to explain it to you as soon as possible. […]

Avoid Up sells

10 Things to Think About at the Repair Shop Avoid Up sells, Ripoffs, Scams, and Other Auto Repair Hassles You want to be ready for your auto repair happening. We all want to repair our own cars, but if we need to take it to the repair shop for a professional job, we need to […]

Car Repair Costs

I think we can all agree on the fact that owning a car is expensive. We fork out money for fuel, insurance, and registration. But, the real clincher is the money we have to spend periodically for repairs, such as for a trip to a favorite Utah brake repair garage. People are keeping their vehicles […]